Meet Molly

Hi, Soul Mamas!


I'm Molly and my mission is to inspire women to discover and awaken to their intuitive wisdom and soul purpose. I focus on mothers because of my own experience becoming a mom – it was the first time in my life that I actually started to lose my identity and question who I was. I think this happened because pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are so tied to the physical body – the changes happening in my body reflected changes happening emotionally and spiritually, and the entire experience was very easy for me to “feel”.

My clothes are designed FOR YOU, taking into consideration my own needs as a woman, and new mama. They are easy, versatile, made in the USA with high quality fabrics that can be washed and dried. They last, they work, they go with everything. 

Fashion is an integral part of how we experience life, and how we express our personal style. Clothing is also functional based on our lifestyle – yoga, pregnancy, breastfeeding. Having clothes that work for what you’re doing, fit and flatter your body, and make you feel good about yourself, affects your overall experience. I want to give you a beautiful, meaningful experience. I want you to feel gorgeous and confident. I want you to transform.

Please email me about anything,