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Breastfeeding Style

Breastfeeding Style

From pouch to poncho, the versatile, Portable Nursing Poncho really goes the distance! Raina from The MamaQueen wears the black poncho perfectly while pregnant – almost 34 weeks! I love this look with skinny denim jeans and black wedge heels. The drape of the soft fabric hangs beautifully over an expecting bump.

And here’s the real surprise – this versatile poncho is an amazing breastfeeding cover for nursing moms! The open sides lend the perfect, subtle access for baby. My sister in law wore this to nurse her son in a crowded restaurant on a Friday night – and no one even knew she was nursing. That’s what I call breastfeeding in style! When you’re done, fold the entire poncho into its own front pocket, and you have a convenient, portable pouch you can toss in the diaper bag. It really doesn’t get any better!

Rock on, nursing mamas! You got this.

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